The tests failed because the unmanaged referenced DLL’s can’t be found the in running path.


I made a Test class GridParametersTest.cs which contains a lot of COM Interop calls to more then C++ unmanaged DLL’s.
I’m copying these DLL's in the Project Properties “Post-build event command line:”
xcopy "$(SolutionDir)MainGui.Model\GridFinding\MD\lib*.*" "$(TargetDir)" /S /I /F /Y <nul:
So just copy files to project file"\bin\Debug or Release."
Unfortunately during the test the DLL’s can’t be found and the compiler throws FileLoadExceptionas as shown in the image below.
Where or how shall I copy the DLL’s so that the Runner can finds the missing DLL’s?
I’m using Resharper, VS2008, Xunit
Bassam Alugili

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